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Steampunk Is A Gothic Sub Genre In New York

There's No Bad WeatherThe Gothic style includes Steampunk, as Steampunk is considered to be more of a sub genre. However, that doesn’t stop people in online marketing from distinguishing between the two, as Steampunk is currently trending and in some ways considered to be the new goth. There are certainly other Gothic styles as well, so again, it’s kind of moot to compare Goth with Steampunk. Yet, it is important to distinguish the defining characteristics of Steampunk in general.

Steampunk is very Victorian, especially when it comes to associated literature. However, it can also be very futuristic, and science fiction is also a major theme. Bronze, copper and dark aesthetics are part of the Steampunk appeal, and when it comes to music, think opera. It was mentioned that Steampunk has many Victorian themes, but it should also be mentioned that Victorian Goth is its own sub genre.

When looking at the Gothic style in general and thinking about the defining characteristics of Steampunk, it helps to know what other sub genres are out there. For example, there is Cyber Goth, Romantic Goth, Geek Goth, Fairy Goth and more. Some of them are merely viewed as extensions of the Gothic movement, whereas Steampunk is viewed by some as mentioned as more of a transition to a newer form of Goth.

Of course, it’s not like everyone plays by the rules of the sub genres when enjoying the Gothic style. They mix elements from different sub genres and express their individuality in different ways. Now, what might someone wear when dressing in this Gothic style? Top hats are an idea, as are suspenders, boots, large dresses and more. Just remember that it’s not just about how you dress, as Steampunk is an entire culture so to speak of Goth enthusiasts that are looking for the next big thing.

The History Of Gothic Fashion

Attractive gothic girl in Victorian style corsetGothic fashion is something that makes a big impression. People that like to dress in the Gothic style tend to wear all black; the finished look is very dramatic.

But where does the name Goth come from? Where did this sort of style begin? Read on to learn more about the history of Gothic fashion.

Gothic Clothing Is Inspired By Victorian Looks

A lot of Gothic clothing is directly inspired by Victorian looks. For a clear example of this, look at the way that female Goths dress. They tend to wear high colors and long skirts, just like women did in Victorian times.

With that said, modern Gothic clothing looks very different from Victorian fashion. These styles have gone through a lot of changes over the last few decades.

The Origin Of The Term Gothic

The name Goth comes from a group of East Germanic people. These people produced a lot of art, and they placed a high level of importance on funerals and burial rites. Both of these things have helped to shape the Gothic look and style.

Unconventional Materials

In the 90s, a lot of people who enjoyed Gothic looks begin to experiment with unusual materials. For example, a Gothic style dress might be constructed from PVC rather than cloth.

Not all of these materials have caught on; many of them are heavy and uncomfortable to wear. With that said, you can still see elements of this in the Gothic outfits that people wear today.

The history of Gothic fashion is unique and interesting. A lot of popular styles have unusual origins, and Gothic looks are no different. This style has helped to keep a lot of elements of Victorian fashion alive. People from Victorian times would be amazed if they saw the way that their fashions had evolved.

Should I Be Offended

I can’t decide if this is a celebration of Gothic fashion or a travesty. I am happy they shared the stigma that some goth people get about not being respected in the work place and not getting looked in the eye or flat out ignored. But I am offended that their definition of Goth is just makeup and clothing. It’s a lifestyle. I’d love to hear your thoughts.