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Things to Be Aware of Before Thinking About Sharing Your Apartment

It does not matter how you find a room mate, but there are several things that you should know before you decide to share your apartment with others. Whether you are going to be living with some friends, or you select a stranger, you will all have the same set of issues to deal with. This will include paying the bills, how you each treat the communal space, and the kind of habits or behaviors that will be acceptable. While these can be annoying details for most, these little things can make or break the living situation.

Do Your Research

You should always take the time to find out who the potential roommate is by taking on some social media research. Do they seem to be someone who brings the party home on a Friday night? Why are they looking for another place to live? There could be somewhat of a red flag that pops up if it seems as though he or she had issues with former roommates due to their incessant partying.

What’s In A Name?

When it comes to renting your apartment, having just your name on the account makes space your legal responsibility. This will be true for the apartment lease, as well as any of the utilities or accounts that you open related to the condo. If you are installing cable or satellite, be sure it ends up in both names so that you are not left the only one responsible for payment should your roommate move out. You can also split tasks from the beginning, so you are never the only person in charge of paying bills.

In the end, while it may seem like you are a prude by setting ground rules, it is best, to be honest from the beginning when it comes to what you expect out of sharing your apartment with a roommate.