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Managing Your Social Platforms Without Wasting Time

Managing social media is a necessity these days, but it can consume. To make the biggest splash and get as many eyes on you as possible, you need to use every single platform under the sun. You also need to post throughout the day, because one post tends to disappear in the sea of other activity within minutes. Social media is a very “now” oriented thing, and few people are looking at the profiles they follow all throughout the day. So, what can you do to stay ahead of the game without wasting tons of time?

First of all, you need to look into scheduled posts. You can schedule certain posts to go out at certain times, even multiple times throughout the day. Any social media managing software can do this for you. Some, such as YouTube, even have the capability from within the platform itself. You can sit down, set up all of your posts for the day, and let them filter out automatically without having to babysit everything. It’s incredibly useful and a serious time saver overall.

You should also look into automatic posting that will mirror one post from one platform onto another. For example, you can link your Twitter to your Facebook. Anything you post to the latter will then automatically post to Twitter, complete with a link for your followers to check out if they want the full scoop. While this doesn’t give quite as much personal attention overall, it certainly helps you not spend as much time hunched over the keyboard to say the same things over and over again from site to site.

Finally, you may want to make a schedule for yourself as well. Get into the habit of always posting to certain sites around noon, sometime in the evening, and then before bed. By simply reminding yourself you need to promote your latest content, you’ll be able to stay more relevant and get a lot more eyes on you overall.